Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Spot Fake GUESS Bags! (before the purchased)

How to Spot Fake GUESS Bags (before the purchased)!

First of all, we need to know there is 4 line of GUESS products:
1. G by Guess
2. Guess
3. Guess by Marciano
4. Guess Factory
5. Guess Department Store

All of them are authentic Guess line of product. Each of them has a different spot to find out if your product is authentic Guess or not.

We will give you general guideline what to look, how to look, and before you purchase guide.

Here are some general rules (before you purchase the product):
1. If it is a brand new bags and the price is too cheap or below the standard retail price, most likely or 95% is fake.
For Example, if the retail price like $125 and there is a seller sells for $50 or under, it most likely it's fake 95%. The only thing they can sell for those price is a used bag or copy bag

2. If you see a style # (see pic above) or group name and you can't find it anywhere else or any other sellers, it might be fake product. But if the product really GUESS brand new or GUESS limited, it might the only seller like us :) that can sell it.
Authentic GUESS seller online (guaranteed): GuessModa, GuessLover Store

3. The Model of the bag (look from the picture)
If you see a Guess bag that looks like many other higher brand name like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, or any other, most chances it's a fake GUESS. Because some other company try to make it cheaper product, but they can't put the same as higher class bag, so they use GUESS to product that bag.

4. Look at the feedback or seller reputation
Customer most likely truthful giving the comments about the authenticity of the product. If you see only 1 or 2 bad comments, chances are it's not (it's just one of the bad customer) from that seller. But if you see like 5 or more comment "fake bag" or "fake product" or "can't proof authentic", then you might as well proceeds to the number 5.

5. Ask a seller a questions
You can always ask a seller question before purchase the handbags. Ask things like: "Are your bags is authentic?" or "How do i know if you bags are authentic Guess?" or "Do you guarantee that your bags are authentic?"
As a seller they should convinced you that all product is authentic or proof that they have been an established seller for a long time selling the authentic Guess bag.

I hope these guidelines help you before you purchasing the GUESS bags that you like when you see it online.

Some of the authentic GUESS seller:
GuessModa on Ebay
GuessLover on Ebay
Xordinaire Guess
Guess Lover's Store

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