Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Spot Fake GUESS Bags! (after the purchased)

How to Spot Fake GUESS Bags! (after the purchased)

Here, we will discuss what to look after you purchased the items online or in-store to find out that your product is authentic GUESS.

First, it is very important that we understand that there are some GUESS line of product:
First of all, we need to know there is 4 line of GUESS products:
1. G by Guess
2. Guess
3. Guess by Marciano
4. Guess Factory
5. Guess Department Store

Here is some of the things you need to look for after you've received your bags:
1. Make sure there are tags on your bag (some of the seller remove the price for customs purposes)
 Above is the sample of the original GUESS tags that we know or there might be more, but we unable to get the pictures.

Some sellers might remove the tags price or information due to CUSTOMs process and lower tax purposes. But make sure if the sellers stated with tags, make sure the bag is with tags attached.

2. All of the line of GUESS products have inside tags
The tags does not need to be in black color (as the picture above), but it should have the tags like the picture above.
The inside tags should have the code on top, Group name, style #, Color, and Code. (It might not complete like we say it does, but if you see complete, most likely your bags is genuine and authentic GUESS.

3. If the bag has inside tags, but it says "made in china"

 It does not necessary means it's fake or copy. Some of the Guess line of products has tag like those such as department stores or Guess factory outlet products.
If this is happened, proceeds to the guidelines # 4.

4. Research the style # or group name online
If you happened to know the group name or style # of the bags you purchased, find it in google, or online sites. Check for the same bag that you purchased, make sure other sellers, or someone has posted before. If you could not find it anywhere, but ONLY the seller you bought from has the bags, ask them.

5. Ask the seller to make sure the product is authentic
After you do all those steps above and you're still not sure that if you bags is authentic, ASK THE SELLER.
You might ask your seller something like: How do I know if my product is authentic? or Can you proof that my bags are authentic? or Why are you the only one sells this kind of bags?

6. Go to your local store or original store from the country you bought
This is a certain and most trusted guideline to find out your product. BRING your bags to your local GUESS store and ask them if this is an authentic GUESS.
Well, some of the local store might not know it, because the bags might have different productions line from each country, the reps at the store is new, or The bags is older model that no longer sells in the store, or THe store just want you to buy from them (not from online sources).

But if you follow all the steps above, you might know at some point that your GUESS bag in your hands is authentic or not.


You could buy from all these stores we know and it will GUARANTEE Authentic, because we have proven and they have been in business of selling GUESS more than 7+ years.

Here are the links (for authentic GUESS products):
GuessModa on Ebay
GuessLover on Ebay
Xordinaire Guess
Guess Lover's Store

Thank you so much for reading the blog and we hope you gain more knowledge of how to spot authentic GUESS or you can buy from the link above and skip all the steps above :)


  1. Thanks for the post!
    Now you can shop for reputed and original Guess products directly from Guess stores online.

  2. I bought my Guess bag from Burlington Coat Factory. The bag has inside tag, has style number, group but i could not search on Google for the bag. I used the Scanner App on my phone to scan the barcode and it said it doesn't match any.